We may or may not have one too many blog posts and articles about the fall season here, and we’re okay with that. Summer gets pretty hot here, though we hear from some of our guests that it’s a dry heat. The change of season not only offers a relief a heat, some rain (and probably snow), but we get to tap into our basic instincts and refresh our love for the seasonal craft beer brews and changing of the colors. Here are some areas that you can see the best fall foliage in Great Falls:

Giant Springs State Park

Giant Springs State Park is the most visited state park in Montana, and I sometimes wonder if it is because of its in-city location. But then I go, and the sound of the springs and rivers quickly reminds me that location plays the smallest part. The park is easily accessible, has a small playground, and as soon as you get into the main parking lot, you’re greeted with fall leaves. Once you’re on the River’s Edge Trail, which runs through Giant Springs State Park, you can make your way toward Black Eagle Falls, where the path is lined with trees and fall colors.

Sluice Boxes State Park

A short 35-minute drive from Great Falls, Sluice Boxes State Park is our favorite place to see the fall foliage and the sunset. Sure the teal water color looks great against the green trees and grass during the summer, but it really pops when fall colors are added. Take a hike there, and some pictures, and let us know that we were right.

Downtown Great Falls

Sure, it isn’t a park, but with all the trees that line the street and the proximity to seasonal craft beer, we’ll be satisfied with a stroll downtown. If you want to know the best beers to try this fall, stop in at Mighty Mo Brewing Co and ask Kayla her favorites, she’s our expert.

If you have awesome photos of fall foliage in Great Falls or suggestions for other spots to check it out the fall colors, send us an email!