We’re just like you: we love fall. We have over 33,000 trees within Great Falls city limits, so when the fall foliage arrives, we’re itching for a fall themed drink. Pumpkin spice lattes are good, don’t get us wrong. But we think these other drinks from Electric City Coffee will make you switch up your fall drink lineup. The Team at Great Falls Montana Tourism tasted these drinks and the verdicts are in:

The Bullet. It has espresso, vanilla, cinnamon, butter, coconut oil, and the aroma of a fall candle. Seriously, we smelled it- we wanted the drink in a candle form too. Yes, we’re that basic and we do not care. Rebecca drank The Bullet and said it was delicious. However, Rebecca isn’t normally a caffeine drinker. So…she was a bit energized after her serving. In all fairness, Rebecca can’t even handle the coffee that some of her team members make for the office. So if you’re well versed in the coffee arena, this is your new fall go-to drink.

The Mexican Mocha. Think hot chocolate, that’s hot in more than one way. Zach tasted this drink and he said “Oooh, spicy. This one is definitely going to warm me up.” Zach loves spicy food, so this drink was right up his alley. Once again, spells amazing. Our other team members were a bit jealous that they didn’t select this drink for tasting. If you’re up to removing the pumpkin in your fall drink and keeping the spice, order the Mexican Mocha.

Fun Fact: The Mexican Mocha came to Electric City Coffee and Bistro’s menu from their very first customer the day they opened on January 14, 2015. His wife was a Mexican Mocha expert and The Electric City Coffee team perfected the “spicy.” This week, it’s their special…along with the Pumpkin Spice Latte if you are too afraid to detour from the usual.

The Dirty Chai. Move over Pumpkin Spice Lattes, this Dirty Chai should be your new fall favorite. Mari tasted this drink and drank it as quickly as she could. The fresh spices were delicious and just the right amount of dirty. The shot of espresso was the perfect edition and will elevate your basic fall drink status to a sophisticated fall beverage expert.

The Dirty Chair is deemed as one of the owner’s favorite. Chai tea has always been a favorite of Heidi’s and a must on their menu when they opened. Depending on if you had the Tiger Spice Chai or Heidi’s homemade Spicy Chai, they are both an excellent choice to add a couple of espresso shots, hence the “Dirty” in Chai.

Need a recommendation on what go-to breakfast item we like from Electric City Coffee? We’ll always recommend their breakfast burrito, which is fresh and is sure to fill you up. The chunky potatoes, fluffy eggs, and the (not pictured) salsa and sour cream are sure to give you a great start to your day. Bonus points: it’s pretty. And pretty delicious.

You can order online from Electric City Coffee and Bistro here. Make sure to follow them on Facebook and check out their Instagram too- it always makes us hungry.

Not in Great Falls, Montana this fall? Let us know your fall favorites in your hometown in the comments!