Here’s a starting point for planning your trip to Great Falls Montana!

Whether you want to stay downtown, along the river, or closer to the highway to get a jump start on your adventures, we have the place for you.

Take a hike while you’re here. Some hikes are like walking, and others make you fear for your life. Depending on your comfortability with risk and life insurance policy, we have a hike for you and your family. You’ll get some great shots of our diverse landscapes that will be sure to get at least 11 likes. Or don’t worry about the camera and soak in the sun, enjoy the landscape, and just relax.

What you should bring: Water. Hiking shoes. Camera. Sunscreen. Snacks. Bug Spray. And a trash bag since garbage cans are limited. No reservations required.

Experience history and art. Dedicate a few hours to visit one of our ten museums. Great Falls is home to the famous C. M. Russell Museum, where some Charles Russell’s original artwork is displayed. If you hiked at First People’s Buffalo Jump, Russell’s artwork might look familiar since its the same backdrop in his art.

What you should know: Museums are slowing starting to open, and some may require the wear of face mask. Know before you go!

Drop in the Mo. The Missouri River or The Mighty Mo Brewing Company. We recommend both. There are a number of access points to the Missouri River from Great Falls. You can float, kayak, fish, or simply enjoy the view from the River’s Edge Trail. You can enjoy The Mighty Mo Brewing Co. in multiple ways too. Stop in for a flight of beer, a glass of wine, or fill one of their growlers and enjoy their award-winning suds later.

What you should pack: We have the gear covered. Contact Montana River Outfitters, and they will help your every need for enjoying The Missouri River. Reservations: optional.

Hunt buffalo, tip mermaids, and satisfy your taste buds. We have 24 life-size buffalo throughout the Great Falls area. See how many you can shoot a selfie with during your trip. Travel to the number one bar in the world worth flying for, according to GQ magazine, a tiki bar in Downtown Great Falls that has mermaids swim behind the bar. If you grab a fishbowl at the famous Sip ‘N Dip Lounge, make sure to grab a cab home. Oh, yes, and the burgers. The burgers are good at Roadhouse Diner, even Guy Fieri thinks so.

What you need to know: Some buffalos are located indoors, find out more here. Mermaids are here and prefer to swim at night. Roadhouse Diner has Montana’s best burger and has new menu items every two weeks. Reservations not required.

You may think you need a ton of gear to experience all that Great Falls has to offer, but it’s easier than you think. You’ll need comfortable walking shoes or hiking shoes if you have them, your camera, and an appetite for adventure.

Want more advice? We’ll give it to you. Read a “How to Guide” for Nature Photography in the surrounding areas, or where to take a scenic road trip that doesn’t require hours of hiking to enjoy the view. And of course, here is how you can see the falls of Great Falls!