On February 10th, we asked our Instagram followers what they wanted more information about and 66.66% (repeating of course) voted for Craft Cocktails in Great Falls. The day after getting the poll results, Kristin and I took it upon ourselves to taste test selected beverages for the greater good: the Great People of Great Falls and any tourist that is lucky enough to be here.

First stop, Enbär. Audrey made us their house cocktail: The Juniper. Fun fact: Enbär is Swedish for Juniper. The cocktail is made with Whyte Laydie Gin from Missoula, MT and is mixed with blueberry, mint, lime juice, and house-made simple syrup. The cocktail is served in a martini glass and garnished with perfectly placed blueberries and mint. Kristin tasted the cocktail first and loved it. I had to fight her to get glass out of her hand so that I could get a taste too. When I tried it, I understood why it was difficult for her to let go. The cocktail was smooth, with well-balanced fruit flavors. Perfect for after work or brunch. Or evening. Pretty much any time you are at Enbär, its a good time to have the drink. If gin isn’t your thing, Audrey recommends their Old Fashion which is made with whiskey, which can also be switched out for rye.  Good to know Audrey, thanks for looking out for the consumer. ‘Preciate ya.

Next stop, Mighty Mo Brewing Co. Kristin and I asked which craft beer they wanted to us to sample, and Kayla said that she was going to serve us a flight of four beers. We didn’t argue. The flight looked like a rainbow of beer; it was beautiful. First up on the flight was Dam Fog, a staple craft beer at Mighty Mo that is an American Wheat and 5% alcohol/20IBU. It was delicious and a great way to start the flight. However, I always hate my first beer because it’s in the way of my second. The second beer was another Mighty Mo staple, Rendezvous Red. It’s a red ale, gluten reduced, and has 6% alcohol/33 IBU. Rendezvous Red was smooth and the perfect step into the third beer, the Midnight Special, a seasonal beer that won the Homebrew Contest. It is a Dark Belgian Witbier with 4.7%/171 IBU. Too bad it’s a seasonal beer because I could drink it any day of the year. The flight ended with Pelican Point Porter (alliteration at its finest), another seasonal beer. It was dark 5.8% alcohol/36 IBU. This beer was made for snowy Montana days and nights. If you have something against beer, Mighty Mo Brewing Co. has natural wine that would satisfy any palate. Check out their weekly event, Natural Wine Wednesdays.

Our next visit was to The Celtic Cowboy, where we were welcomed by the Bar Manager Spencer. He said he would make us their inhouse special, The Black Stallion. When we heard the ingredients, we knew we would love it. It has Vya sweet vermouth aperitif, Kahlua, Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey and a float of Guinness. It’s a dark cocktail with coffee notes, somewhat sweet without caffeine. It does has some  bitter flavors to it too, so if that isn’t your thing, they have other inhouse recipes, like the Butterfinger Martini. Whatever your taste, Celtic Cowboy has it. They have 110 different whiskeys and 31 taps (the largest in Great Falls!). I wanted to stay longer at the Celtic Cowboy and enjoy each one of their beers and cocktails, but it was only 4pm and we still had more places to visit. But Celtic Cowboy, this is your fair warning: we will be back.

How can we mention craft cocktails without stopping at the Sip ‘n Dip? The Sip ‘n Dip Lounge is the number one bar in the world worth flying for. It’s a tiki bar in Montana where you can watch mermaids swim while sipping one of their colorful drinks. They made us their new craft cocktail: The Mermaid Kiss. This pink drink has raspberry vodka, coconut rum, cranberry juice, orange juice, and pineapple juice. It’s finished off with cherry garnish and a chocolate sugar rim. You can get kissed by a mermaid all year round. Everyone would love the drink, but if pink isn’t your color, you can’t go wrong with their iconic fishbowl drink. It is meant for sharing, but good luck if Kristin is around.

We ended our craft cocktail tour at KellerGeist Pub Theater. If you have never been, you need to go. It has a unique atmosphere that is conducive for fun. Emmy made us not one, but two drinks. Once again, Kristin and I were not going to argue with her. The first drink is their Summer Smash. It has muddled basil with lemon and gin. It is clean, crisp, and light. There isn’t anything heavy in the drink to mask the herbal notes in the drink, yet I couldn’t taste the gin. Kristin referred to it as a “porch pounder,” meaning it takes her back to drinking on her porch in the summer. You can’t go wrong with this seasonal drink. Next up, Emmy made us The Rose Blush. This drink is fancy. I mean, look at it…there are edible rose petals on top of egg white foam, which tops  rose vodka (infused in house!)  with lemons that tickle, home made simple syrup, and secret bitters. When I tasted it, it gave me the mood of a sexy bath. I thought I was crazy for thinking this, so I asked Kristin and she agreed.. and so did everyone else.

Big thanks to Enbär, Mighty Mo Brewing Co., The Celtic Cowboy, Sip ‘n Dip Lounge, and KellerGeist Pub Theater for welcoming Kristin and me with craft cocktails and beers! We had a blast and can’t wait to enjoy all these drinks during our free time. If you have you any recommendations for craft cocktails and beers in Great Falls, Montana, let us know in the comments!

Enbär is located at 8 5th Street S, Great Falls, MT 59401. People show up three hours early to get a seat during their famous trivia nights!

Mighty Mo Brewing Co. is located at 412 Central Ave, Great Falls, MT 59401. They have Raise-a-Pint events on Mondays and have something special in store for St. Patrick’s Day, so stay tuned!

The Celtic Cowboy is located at 116 1st Ave S, Great Falls, MT 59401. They have Celtic Cowboy Roundup! once a month, trivia on Tuesdays, and Guinness everyday. Stop in during the weekend to enjoy their brunch!

Sip ‘n Dip Lounge is located at 17 7th Street S, Great Falls, MT 59401. Mermaid hours are Monday: 6pm-9pm, Tuesday-Thursday: 6pm-10:30pm, and Friday and Saturday 6pm-midnight. Every other Sunday, there is a mermaid brunch from 10am-2pm which is kid friendly!

KellerGeist Pub Theater is located at 111 Central Ave, Great Falls MT 59401 and has new beer during their Thirsty Thursday events as well as $2 off cocktails on Tuesdays!



Mari is the Content Director of Great Falls Montana Tourism and works alongside Kristin, the Business Development Director. Both Mari and Kristin want you to be as excited as they are to experience all that Great Falls, Montana has to offer.

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