A place where you can chase serenity, take in a breath of fresh air, burn some calories or attempt to capture that perfect naturistic shot. All in just one hour. It’s a place of versatile beauty that continues to offer nature’s true personality through the sunshine, rain, snow and frost. This place is Memorial Falls and it’s a place I go often. Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.

The short one-hour, round-trip hike right off of Highway 89 offers two waterfalls, panoramic views of sky-touching trees accompanied by the faint, flowing sounds of Belt Creek. Memorial Falls is an intermediate hike for all ages, skill levels and doggos; however, although intermediate, I managed to take a tumble leaving me with a pretty memorable scar on my back.

I would say it was of my own clumsiness that dropped me down between the fallen trees stretching across the second waterfall, but it was for “the shot.” If you are a photographer, videographer, visual storyteller or your eyes just appreciate all aspects of the world around you, you know what I mean. “The Shot.”

You’d go to any length, play your own little game of Twister, lay down in the dirt, walk through thigh-deep snow, wade in knee-deep water or even end up in some random position that makes you realize you need to go to the gym because your core is shakin’ like your colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra. You’d do it all for that perfect photograph. That perfectly captured video moment. That perfect view. This day, my attempt to capture the shot resulted in me falling into the waterfall with cold water flowing under my bum as I laughed my pain off and begged for my friend’s helping hand. My friend, of course, refused because they were too busy laughing.


How can you avoid the same fall? Well, don’t attempt to walk across the skinniest of the fallen trees while holding two cameras while filming with one. Thankfully, I held my cameras above my head as I fell in slow motion. When I finally finished my landing, I passed them off to my friend. Always protect your camera, in all circumstances. Unfortunately I missed the shot, but my friend didn’t, seeing as there is a photo of me struggling to free myself. I may not have gotten the perfect shot, but I did get a perfect memory. I did wake up with quite the sore back and a scratch traveling halfway up my back and it is one of my favorite Montana moments.

I hope you enjoy the cozied atmosphere of Memorial Falls as much as I do. If you haven’t been there yet, I hope it becomes your short hike of all short hikes.




Enya’s love for storytelling started when she was young, but not with just pen and paper. The love came from her passion to learn more about people and places. What makes them who/what they are.

Enya was born in Brunswick, Georgia in the Golden Isles. ​She received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at the University of Georgia from the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Go Dawgs?

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