Giant Springs State Park is home to one of the largest freshwater springs in the country. The springs flow at a rate of 156 million gallons of water per day and the water stays at a temperature of 54 degrees. Over 500,000 visit Giant Springs State Park each year, making it Montana’s most visited state park. Accessible from The River’s Edge Trail, the park boasts views of Black Eagle Falls, a variety of bird life, a fish hatchery, and fishing ponds.

What makes Giant Springs State Park such an amazing place is the beauty you’re surrounded by. With Black Eagle Falls to the west, Rainbow Falls to the East, and the Missouri River running along the banks of the park, you’re standing in an awe-inspiring location. Running between Giant Springs and the Missouri River, the Roe River has the distinction of being the world’s shortest. At just 201 feet long and 8 feet deep, the Roe River’s source is Giant Springs, the largest freshwater spring in America. The crystal-clear water provides a view of the natural plant life that thrives in the water.

On a beautiful day in Great Falls, we strolled into Giant Springs State Park to enjoy a picnic with friends. While the men fished, we enjoyed the peaceful breeze blowing through the park and setup lunch. After lunch, we enjoyed a walk on the 2.1 mile Giant Springs loop along the River’s Edge Trail. The leaves on the big cottonwood trees in the park shine and shadows lengthen as the sun begins its decent. A warm breeze blows in off the river. Many people have arrived at the park to enjoy a picnic, fishing, or a stroll along the banks of the Missouri River.

At the end of the day we agree that it was a perfect way to spend a summer night in Great Falls.

Special thanks to John Taillie who helped with article content