The Waking the Dead tour highlights the history and legacy of Great Falls, and the people that built Great Falls. The tours, in honor of Paris Gibson, are a unique part of what makes Great Falls Montana’s basecamp for art & adventure, and a preferred destination for history buffs. Every story is painstakingly researched for authenticity and accuracy to ensure each person’s legacy is respectfully honored. When available, family members are the tellers of the stories!

The Waking the Dead tours invoke the history, legacy, and tradition of Great Falls, and its importance in the development of Montana and the culture of America. This year’s tour features the graves and stories from city founders, movie stars, sportsmen, and heroes.

Each ticket includes a free book with histories of each person featured in the tour, and participants have the option of walking the length of the tour, or enjoying a hay ride as the stories are read. Graves to be featured in the tours are Paris Gibson read by David Otey; OC Seltzer read by Henry Mitchell; Governor Edwin Norris read by Dirk Larson; CM Russell read by Bill Bronson; Great Falls Librarian Josephine Trigg read by Karen Conway; Victor Ario read by Greg Kinder; Timothy Collins read by Jerry Schmidt; Robert Vaughn read by Cory Larsen; Billy Colgan read by Jeremy Watterson; Donald Goodman Holt (World champion bull rider) read by Austin Haney; HP Rolfe (surveyed Great Falls) read by Ken Robison; Royal Caufield read by Dwight Smith.

Tickets are on sale at the Great Falls Public LibraryGreat Falls Park and Rec, and Kaufman’s menswear. Tickets are limited to 270, and seats fill up fast.

On Friday and Saturday evening before the tours, enjoy a Great Falls living legend with the musical styling of Piano Pat at the world-famous Sip n Dip Lounge. Pat is the perfect way to kick off your weekend in Great Falls, which will include the Great Falls Farmers Market on Saturday morning. June is the perfect time to experience the Great Falls business and residential districts, along with the River’s Edge and Railroad history tours developed by the Great Falls Historic Preservation Council.

Experience Great Falls history, both living and dead. The legacy of Great Falls is the history of Montana!