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Great Falls Gifts Worth Giving

Great Falls Gifts Worth Giving

Enjoy creating memories with your friends, families, and colleagues with experiences you can only find in Great Falls | Montana’s Basecamp for Art & Adventure. This year, rather than buying another tie, fruitcake, or other gifts that will go unused, give your friends, family, and colleagues something they’ll love even more; an experience in Great…

Adventure | The Dead Among Us

Great Falls, as an early Basecamp for Adventure in Montana, is home to hair-raising stories from our early settlers to turn-of-the century residents. The dead among us have given Great Falls amazing stories that reverberate throughout the soul of the city even today. The following are a few stories collected from Great Falls historians that…

Tenacity | The Miners of Great Falls

Life under the Big Sky has always been an adventure, and no one would know that better than a miner working for the Boston and Montana Consolidated Copper and Silver Mining Company in Great Falls in the late 1800s. Montana’s first mining, smelting, and refining company added to, and dramatically altered, the Great Falls landscape. In…

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