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Great Falls Gifts Worth Giving

Great Falls Gifts Worth Giving

Enjoy creating memories with your friends, families, and colleagues with experiences you can only find in Great Falls | Montana’s Basecamp for Art & Adventure. This year, rather than buying another tie, fruitcake, or other gifts that will go unused, give your friends, family, and colleagues something they’ll love even more; an experience in Great…

What the Men on the Expedition Must Have Thought

Picture it; St. Louis, 1803. The President of the United States turns to you and says, “I just bought some land – a bit west of here, sight unseen, and was thinking maybe you could head out and see what we got.” I am not quite sure I would have been as excited as Lewis…

Basecamp for Art & Culture | Mansfield Center

Great art and music is for everyone, and the Mansfield Center for the Performing arts in Downtown Great Falls hosts a variety of converts, ballets, holiday shows, stage productions, and is the home of the Great Falls Symphony. The plush Mansfield Center showcases its historic elegance through intricate architecture and acoustics that are unrivaled in Montana.…

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